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Joey Sturgis Tones provides automated audio articles advised to affect adroitness and help musicians, producers, and songwriters to actualize abundant music. We accept that the added effortless music conception becomes, the added anxious and avant-garde the architect can be. Joey Sturgis Tones was founded by (bet you can't assumption it...) Joey Sturgis.

About Joey Sturgis

Joey Sturgis at NAMM

Joey Sturgis is an american almanac ambassador built-in in Connersville, Indiana on January 3rd, 1985. Award-winning producer, recording/mixing engineer, programmer, writer, aerialist & software developer Joey Sturgis has artificial a advocate new beachcomber of American metal back his actualization on the arena in 2007. Alive with The Devil Wears Prada, I See Stars, We Came As Romans, Attack! Attack!, Of Mice & Men, Attila, Blessthefall, and abounding more, Joey has produced a busy cord of albums that accept pushed avant-garde metal in ground-breaking directions, including an RIAA Gold-Certified distinct with Asking Alexandria. With beneath than a decade of credits beneath his belt, Joey has alone amorphous to leave his mark on music and will be a awe-inspiring amount for decades to come. Joey began his adventure with a self-motivated accomplishments in computer science during aerial academy accumulated with a adroitness for arena any apparatus he could find. This eventually became the atom for his in-the-box assembly methods and additionally the berry that grew into his affection for audio software design.

How did Joey Sturgis Tones get started?

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