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Every day we accomplish choices – some so baby that we don’t anticipate of them at decisions at all. But at Paskho, we accept that every activity has a reaction. That’s why we absorb so abundant time researching the macro- and micro-decisions that are allotment of our action for authoritative adequate clothes that look, feel, and accomplish beautifully – yet still actualize the atomic bulk of appulse on the Earth.

Impact, by the numbers

We accept in abounding transparency, and accede that we are allotment of a communicable industry.

The appearance industry accounts for 8% of all-around greenhouse gas emissions, greater than airline flights and amphibian aircraft combined.


Clothing is additional alone to agronomics in the bulk of abuse it creates: Added than two thousand chemicals – abounding accepted carcinogens – are acclimated to accomplishment fabrics.


Fashion ranks third – abaft oil and cardboard – in sucking up 10% of baptize acclimated by all types of industry. (That’s abundant baptize to hydrate 110 actor bodies for an absolute year.)


More than 90% of bolt can be reused or recycled, but aloof 14% of clothes and cossack are. Breach these bolt from landfills and into recycling programs would be agnate to extenuative the carbon emissions from added than seven actor cars!

Discover Paskho for yourself.

We accept there’s a bigger way to accomplish clothes, and we’re allotment of a movement to change the industry. 

43% Reclaimed Fabric
Paskho was founded with the mission to use reclaimed fabrics first, befitting bolt in apportionment as clothes, and out of landfills as debris – in 2019, 43% of our fabrics were reclaimed.

900 Baneful Chemicals Avoided
When we can’t upcycle, we’re committed to bluesign® accustomed textiles, which are certified to abstain the 900 potentially baneful chemicals acclimated to accomplish accepted fabrics.

57% bluesign® fabrics
Last year, 57% of Paskho designs were fabricated from bluesign® fabrics, which crave 50% beneath baptize and 30% beneath activity than accepted fabrics.

85% Vegan
Eighty-five percent of Paskho apparel are vegan, which agency we don’t use any beastly articles or byproducts; our alone non-vegan bolt is ethically-raised and humanely-sheared sheep’s wool.

Fair Activity Association
Paskho is fair. People, not machines, accomplish our clothes. Our branch is a affiliate of the Fair Activity Association, which has helped advance the lives of millions of workers back 1999.

8,000 kg of CO2 Saved
By abnegation artificial polybags and application recycled cardboard aircraft envelopes instead, we’ve adored eight thousand kilograms of CO2. We’re additionally allotment of the Dejected Business Board to abutment laws in California – now the fifth better all-around abridgement – that assure our ocean from plastic.

Forest Conservation
Working with the nonprofit Canopy’s Pack4Good and CanopyStyle initiatives, we are committed to attention the world’s actual age-old forests and endangered breed habitats by eliminating cellulosic fabrics and cardboard and cardboard packaging articles sourced from these areas by the end of 2022. We will actively abutment attention solutions and the use of Abutting Bearing Solutions including agronomical residues and recycled materials. For added advice amuse accredit to our abounding Canopy policy.

50,000 lbs Carbon Footprint
The boilerplate American’s absolute carbon brand tallies up to a whopping fifty thousand pounds anniversary year! We abate our carbon brand area we can, and account area we can’t: In 2019, we accurate Mai Ndombe REDD in Africa, the second-largest complete rainforest in the world, and Red Hills Wind Acreage in Oklahoma. 

Join Us

Caspian Sea, NASA

Buy less. That ability complete strange, advancing from a appearance company. But bodies now acquirement bristles times the bulk of clothes than we did 30 years ago, and debris them afterwards three years. We anticipate that’s too much. Paskho produces affection accouterment that’s anxiously advised for work, home and play: One brace of our pants can booty the abode of bristles – ours aftermost always and fit anniversary angle of your day and life.

Offset your shipping. Offsets assignment by artful the carbon emissions of a specific action — aircraft a package, for archetype — and again abolish those out by allotment a activity that reduces the aforementioned bulk of emissions through attention or renewable activity project. We’ve fabricated it cool accessible to account aircraft and advice apathetic the furnishings of altitude change. Aloof bang “green my shipment” at checkout!


Take care. We accede that Paskho clothes are primarily fabricated of constructed materials, which we accept because of their high-performance qualities. The problem? Back laundered, constructed fabrics afford microplastics: Abate than a distinct hair, these tiny artificial fibers are too accomplished to be captured by wastewater analysis and can access our baptize systems, alike assuming up in our bubbler water. To abate address from your Paskho clothes, chase these steps: ablution less, duke ablution whenever possible, and (if you can) install a abrasion apparatus clarify to bolt artificial microfibers. Use “PASKHO10” at checkout to get 10% off on the Filtrol 160, which captures as abundant as 90%!


Donate. To accumulate clothes out of landfills, we appetite to accomplish recycling easy: Artlessly ample your Paskho aircraft envelope with your exceptionable garments, and we’ll pay the aircraft to accord them through our affiliation with Wearable Collections, which kept 2.2 actor pounds of clothes out of landfills in 2019. Together, we can accomplish a aberration with our choices – anniversary and every day.

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