JST Kaoss Aggregate I - Column Assembly Sample Pack

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JST Kaoss Aggregate I is an extensive, all-embracing post-production sample backpack abounding with INSANE royalty-free sounds advised to add a little commotion to your productions.


The first ever post-production sample backpack by JST, Kaoss appearance over 100 altered samples, afar into seven categories, with abounding samples synchronized to BPM and Key for added affluence of use.

If you’re annoyed of crumbling time analytic the internet for lackluster samples, or aggravating to accomplish your own - this backpack has aggregate you need.

Here's a few examples:


Whether you charge to add abyss or arrangement to a passage; add a faculty of finality; ample abandoned gaps or transitions; actualize excitement; or aloof accomplish aggregate slam, JST Kaoss Aggregate I is the complete band-aid to all of your post-production FX needs!

Unlike some sample packs out there that accept actual little aberration from sample to sample: each sound is anxiously crafted to be reusable, special, and flexible. 

What You'll Get

  • 44.1 kHz 24 bit WAV Files
  • 100 Samples Disconnected into 7 Categories
    • 12 Ambience
    • 10 Hits
    • 13 Rhythms
    • 15 Booms
    • 24 Risers
    • 16 Slams
    • 10 Buzz samples
  • Perpetual Royalty-Free License


    • Mac or Windows computer with accurate OS and accurate DAW
    • Works with any DAW!

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